Welcome to El Buen Manantial Restaurant, a family-owned and operated establishment that has been serving delicious food since we opened on Father’s Day in 2020 in Racine, Wisconsin. The Rapeta family took over the Dynasty Restaurant in 2005 and wanted to open another restaurant to showcase their Mexican cuisine and heritage. From burritos to fresh seafood plates, we have everything that steak lovers and vegetarians alike can appreciate. The restaurant is owned and operated by Norberto and Abby, along with their family. Norberto’s passion for cooking started with his father, and after having a successful food stand in Mexico with his dad, he always dreamed of owning a restaurant. After his father passed away, Norberto immigrated to the USA to pursue his dream. Through hard work and with the support of his wife Abby and family, they were able to make this dream a reality.

Our passion for cooking is evident in the quality of our food, and we take great pride in providing delicious meals to our customers. But what truly sets us apart is not just our food, but our family. Our customers are not just customers to us; they are our family. We love, cherish, and adore our customers! Our warm and friendly service, combined with our affordable prices and quick service, will keep you coming back time and time again!

It’s 5 O’ Clock Somewhere

Happy Hour Monday-Thursday From 1:00–6:00pm!